Going Deeper With God is not about some exclusive or special knowledge or skills available only to a select few. It is about facilitating our engagement with God with the whole of who we are - our minds, our emotions, our imagination, etc. All of us can find ways to deepen our relationship with God and it is the aim of Going Deeper With God to help people along the way.

Our ethos is one of openness and engagement. In our sessions and material we seek to maintain an openness to ask new questions, explore the faith, listen for God's challenge to us and learn from our Christian brothers and sisters worldwide. We also seek to engage in meaningful and critical thinking, re-examining our faith to understand it better as well as trying to discern how to live it out in everyday life. The end focus is ultimately always practical - we always seek to become and help others to be witnesses for Christ in our present day. This involves interaction with the Bible, one another, understanding culture, as well as reflecting on historical theology and writings on Christian spirituality.

Our tutors currently include:

Joe Lenton - Joe has an MA (Merit) in Aspects of Biblical Interpretation from LST (London School of Theology), which he completed by distance learning. The dissertation topic was "The Spirit in the Reader - beyond authorial intent?" He is the author of "Journeying With Nehemiah" and "Journeying With Abraham" (Bible study books published by Going Deeper With God). He is chair of the Education and Outreach Team at his church and has served on the PCC. He is a tutor for the Norwich Centre for Christian Learning. Over the past 7 years he has preached regularly in numerous churches and other settings across Norfolk (Anglican, Independent Evangelical, Methodist, Baptist) and led various seminars, workshops, Lent Courses and Bible study groups. He also has a background in languages (BA Hons in French & German) as well as around 10 years of experience as a private guitar and music theory tutor. 

We are based in Norwich, Norfolk in the UK.