Boundaries occur in many areas of life. They can be positive or negative. Sometimes a wall might serve to separate, to keep out or keep in, perhaps it could act as a support to grow against. Boundaries can define where who we are stops and someone else begins. Relationships need healthy boundaries that define the type of relationship - marriage, friendship, work colleague, etc. Ignoring boundaries can lead to tragic consequences, such as abuse. Yet, similarly, over-strict use of boundaries can inhibit relationships, unwilling to let anyone else in, for example. 

You might like to spend some time considering boundaries in your life and how they might enhance or be restricting your relationships. Are there any walls that need to come down to let someone in? Do you need to learn to say "no" or to make clearer to others when they are crossing inappropriate lines and making your life unpleasant? Can you become more aware of the identity boundaries and markers that make you who you are and those that define others? What about your relationship with God - can you identify healthy and unhealthy boundaries? 

Sometimes we build boundaries on our own, concerned to keep control of our circumstances. What might happen if we could learn to look at boundaries together? Is it possible to work together to erect or bring down walls or marker posts? Is it possible that if we do then both parties might flourish, neither at the expense of the other?