Both as individuals and as groups of people we can seem like villages strewn across the landscape. It can be easy to see the distance between one another. We can focus on that which separates us. Perhaps we feel isolated.

Maybe we could look again, seeing not the distance, not the borders or separateness but the interconnectedness, the joins. Each village is not truly isolated from all the others. The beautiful countryside acts as a bridge, a network that connects and binds. Not only that, there are roads, shared power lines and water pipes joining each to the others. There is not just a connectedness but an interdependence.

Can we see what it is that joins us to one another? Instead of focussing on the things that divide us, can we discover what we share, what we depend on, the landscape that lies between "us" and "them"? Can we see beauty in these connections? You might like to reflect on what it means for all people, including you and me, to be made in God's image.