A prayer of submission

Lord of the burning flame,
Consume all that is evil within me,
Destroy my selfish, sinful ways
And re-kindle my desire for You.
Lord of the swirling flood,
Wash away my sin,
Cleanse my heart anew
And make me overflow with love.
Lord of the rushing wind,
Uproot me from my complacency,
Blow strongly in my sails
And take me wherever I should go.
Lord of the dazzling light,
Illumine my mind,
Help me to see the truth
And let me gaze upon You in wonder.
Lord of all creation,
I am Yours,
A creature made by Your hand
And I give myself back to You.
Lord of my life,
Show me the way,
Show me how to live for You
And use me for Your glory.

A prayer inspired by Luke 24:13-35 (The Road to Emmaus)

Lord, when we find ourselves wandering
Without joy, without hope, confused and lacking understanding
Come alongside us, meet us on our journey and open our eyes.
Let us see the face of our saviour
And restore to us the joy, hope, peace and understanding
That comes from knowing the risen Christ.

An acrostic prayer inspired by Psalm 145

Awesome, Almighty, Alpha and Omega, LORD we worship you
Before we have spoken you know what is on our hearts
Creator, loving Comforter, we praise you
Day by day you provide for us and watch over us
Every day may we desire to thank and praise you
Forgiving Father, forever faithful to your covenant
Granting grace to all generations
Hold us safe in your hands, we pray
In splendour and majesty you rule
Justice and mercy find their meaning in you
King of all creation, seen and unseen
Lead us, LORD, in your ways
May we proclaim your great deeds
Never ceasing to tell of your kingdom
Open our hearts to receive your love
Prince of Peace, perfect saviour
Queens and kings, governments and powers are nothing compared to you
Rule over us as our shepherd, we pray
Spirit divine, empower us in our service of you
Thank you for all that you have done and all that you continue to do
Use us for your glory, we pray
We declare that you are worthy of all our worship
You alone are God and we bow before you now

A prayer for difficult times

God, I'm finding life really hard right now and need your help.
I know you could change things and sort it all out with a word.
So, why haven't you? Why must I go through this?
Have mercy on me, rescue me, bring me joy and peace once more.
Help me to trust you and not to doubt your love for me.
Why is it that when I feel low you can seem far away?
Come near to me Father and let me feel your presence.
Life is tough and I can't live it without you.
Give me strength, hold me close so that I can keep going.
Help me to have hope and patience and never to give up.

A prayer inspired by Colossians 1:9-14 

Father, we thank You for each other.
Thank You that we are made in Your image
And that You care for us.
We pray that by Your Spirit
You would fill us with understanding and wisdom
And help us to live in a way that is worthy of You.
Help us to bear fruit,
To grow in knowledge of You,
To walk with You and to love Your Word.
Please strengthen us to be patient and to endure,
Never giving up and always relying on You.
Help us also to be thankful
For the inheritance You have made available
Through Your dear Son.
May we grow spiritually strong, maturing in our faith.
Help us to make Your priorities our priorities.
May our lives be pleasing to You in every way,
Growing in likeness to Christ every day.
For the sake of Your name and Your glory.
(These prayers were written by Joe Lenton)