Salvation at the Cross

Salvation at the Cross

This cross offers hope and salvation, not by itself, but because of the lifebelt that hangs upon it. The lifebelt must also be taken hold of in faith if it is to save anyone.

The cross of Christ offers hope and salvation. The cross itself is merely a cross of wood – the person who hung upon it is the source of our salvation. He is able to save each and every one of us from drowning in our sin and from an eternity separated from God. Yet, if we don’t grab hold of Jesus in faith we don’t benefit from this salvation. If we don’t offer him to others, how can they benefit and be rescued?

Perhaps spend some time today meditating on the salvation and healing that Jesus has brought by hanging on a cross. Think of the freedom, the liberation from rebellion against God, the renewal of relationship, the remaking of creation. Are we clinging on to our “lifebelt”? Are we offering him to others?

© Joe Lenton, August 2012

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