Signposts to a new creation

What is this? Just a pile of dirt?

Yes & No – this pile of dirt is a molehill. It might look like nothing in particular, but it acts as a signpost to activity below- “There is life here!”

Once you know what you’re looking for, it is easy to spot the tell-tale signs of mole activity. You can, with just a little experience, generally tell at a glance that these little piles of dirt are molehills.

The kingdom of God can be a bit like this, too. God has begun a new creation, bringing in His kingdom, but not everyone sees it. There are little signposts all over the place – but do we know how to read them?

Christians receive the Holy Spirit who brings about the first signs of the kingdom in us. It is like a down-payment that acts as a promise of the full treasure yet to come. Sometimes, the Spirit’s work in our lives can be hard to spot. We wonder why we are still so messed up, still rebelling, still getting things wrong – is God really with me?

Then, we learn to spot the little “molehills” of the kingdom that point to the work of the Spirit, the life that is buzzing beneath the surface. Each tiny manifestation of the Spirit’s presence in our lives, whether by “fruit” or “gifts”, is a little indication of what is to come.

So, whenever and wherever you notice something of the Spirit’s presence, remember that it is not insignificant, but that it points to life. The tiniest glimpse of the kingdom reminds us that more is yet to come and that God is still at work.

You may feel that your life is like a pile of dirt – but maybe you’re one of God’s molehills.

© Joe Lenton, September 2012

2 thoughts on “Signposts to a new creation

    • Thanks, Lynda. Initial perceptions can often be deceptive. We can fail to see in both ourselves and others the signs pointing to what God is doing. Be encouraged – God will bring that work in us to completion – Philippians 1:6.

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